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Haiku Five

Thinking Is Nothing
Thinking of Nothing is Thought
My Head Hurts A Lot

When I See Haiku
I Can Appreciate It
Or Count Syllables

Brilliant Actor Speaks
Audience Claps And Whistles
Backstage, Actor Weeps

“Be Happy,” They Said
“Go Do What You Love,” They Said
“I Don’t Know,” I Said

Spicy Hot Pepper
Pepper Pepper Pepper Hot
I Can’t Take the Heat

The Best Modern “Doctor Who” Episode

If you couldn’t tell from this post, I am a science fiction fan.

I love nerdy, sci-fi stuff and all the areas of humanity that this genre can explore, especially in ways that other genres can not.

In addition to Star Trek, which I was raised on, I’ve recently discovered Doctor Who.

While I have not seen all of “Classic” Who (though I am working on it), I have watched all of the rebooted, “Modern” Who. 

While very few “bad” episodes stick out in my mind, there is one episode that really stands out as absolutely stellar.

It is a two part/cliffhanger episode that arrived under David Tennant’s tenure as the 10th doctor:

“Human Nature”/”The Family of Blood”

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Haiku Four


The Storm Brews
Thunder And Chaos
Peaceful Night

Beautiful Lady
Charming And Intelligent
Forever Graceful

Turning, Endless Time
In Lines And In Circles Move
A Moment Stands Still

Kittens Play
Fun And Games, Pounce, Purr
Bath Then Nap

How To Study For A Music Listening Test

Since grade school, many of us have learned or were taught how to study for the average test. We are taught visual, active, and aural clues, tricks, and tips to learn how to take mostly visual exams.


How do you study for a music listening exam?

For many students, when they encounter their first listening test, they freeze.

Non-music majors might encounter this type of test and music majors DEFINITELY encounter the aural listening test at some point in their life.

I have compiled a list of tricks and tips for the listening exam.

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Artistic Context

The summer after my freshmen year of college, I worked for the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre.

I love this city!

I love this city!

My job was mainly stage management and I worked with a lot of actors and directors centered in the Pittsburgh area. As someone involved in the Pittsburgh theatre scene since the age of 6, these were people that I had admired for years. Forget the A-list actors in Hollywood, these were my living idols that I had grown up seeing in equity productions since I was very small.

One of the directors that I worked with was a particular celebrity of mine. I had seen her in many, many shows and watched a lot of her work as a director.

I remember listening to a discussion between this director and a fairly famous-even-outside-of-Pittsburgh actress during a rehearsal break.

Director: “I don’t understand the ‘researchers’ and ‘scholars’ that study and break down performance. They are removing the context and stripping art of meaning.”
Actress: “I agree. You can not replace the experience. That is the point of art.”

For some reason, this exchange has stayed with me.

Does scholarly study of art take something away from that art? Continue reading

Haiku Three

I should buy a new notebook at the rate that I am writing these.

Perhaps these posts should get their own category.

Sitting In The Class
Teacher Lectures The Students
But I Am Not Here
What To Do With Life…
I Do Not Know Who I Am
The World Awaits Me
Money Is Evil
Corruption And Greed Prevail
Money May Save Me
Educated Me
Degrees And Knowledge Abound
I Am Ignorant