Monthly Archives: November 2014

Haiku Five

Thinking Is Nothing
Thinking of Nothing is Thought
My Head Hurts A Lot

When I See Haiku
I Can Appreciate It
Or Count Syllables

Brilliant Actor Speaks
Audience Claps And Whistles
Backstage, Actor Weeps

“Be Happy,” They Said
“Go Do What You Love,” They Said
“I Don’t Know,” I Said

Spicy Hot Pepper
Pepper Pepper Pepper Hot
I Can’t Take the Heat

Educator vs Teacher

Is there a difference between an educator and a teacher?

I have long debated these terms and tried to determine if there is a real difference between them.

I do call myself an educator on my LinkedIn profile possibly because it sounds more dynamic and aliterate, but I seriously wondered about the difference for a long time.

I probably always will… even a little bit no matter where I go in life.

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