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Professor Field Notes

Many of you in a university environment may have noticed a strange creature: the professor.
It is common for students to be uncertain of how to interact with this strange species.

How To Understand Your Professor

Professor: a strange creature with odd behavior and esoteric language. Their species is one of great variety, ranging from the awesome to the boring to the down-right evil. They are frequently sighted in a classroom or office. Their natural camouflage is wide-ranging to the point where researchers have concluded that their attire is as varied as their personalities.

Many of us will encounter the “professor” in our lifetime.

What do we do with this strange creature called “professor??”

Fear not students! I have complied a field guide to your professor.*

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Haiku Three

I should buy a new notebook at the rate that I am writing these.

Perhaps these posts should get their own category.

Sitting In The Class
Teacher Lectures The Students
But I Am Not Here
What To Do With Life…
I Do Not Know Who I Am
The World Awaits Me
Money Is Evil
Corruption And Greed Prevail
Money May Save Me
Educated Me
Degrees And Knowledge Abound
I Am Ignorant

Another Way To Think About Art

We’ve all heard it: the arts improve test scores. The arts are good for us because they improve our soul and because of blah blah blah.

We’ve all heard the advocacy and I am starting to wonder if we are becoming numb to it.

While I still think that advocacy is important, I would like to take another look at this topic and discuss another reason why the arts are important, especially in schools.

The arts help to prevent crime.

I am not saying that the arts completely eliminate crime or that those involved in the arts will not commit a crime ever. I am saying that the arts help to prevent crime.

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“In The Pale Moonlight”

Morality in Science Fiction

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I love Star Trek. I love science fiction in general but Star Trek will always have a special place in my heart. I grew up watching it. I was even named after one of the characters.

Growing up, my parents wanted me to watch smart TV. They were and are nerds.

Now that I’m older, I really do appreciate the writing that goes into most of the science fiction genre. Some science fiction is really cheesy and poorly written or produced but when science fiction gets it right, it¬†really¬†gets it right.

The episode I am going to discuss, “In The Pale Moonlight,” is one such example of “really getting it right.”

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Haiku Two

I really like writing these!

The Storm Roars
The Wind Is Howling
Fire Glows
The Orchestra Tunes
Notes, In Dancing Colors Gleam
Silent Perfection
Eyes Meet Across Time
Possibilities Linger
Courting Dance Begins
Restless Sleep, Afraid
Questions Burn And Answers Yearn
An Angel Visits
Zen Garden
Moment Of Clear Thought
Bamboo Falls

Coffee Shop Personalities

I’ve been spending a lot of time in coffee shops lately. My office at the University has no windows and I think the lack of sunlight is starting to get to me. Also, I really just need a change of pace now and then and a coffee shop is a more active environment compared to my office, the library, or my apartment. I think a stimulating but nonintrusive atmosphere jogs my brain and I tend to get more done.


Now, sometimes I do need quiet to focus but I can usually work in a semi-quiet environment like a coffee shop.

Anyway, since I try to take a mental and visual break for a minute or two from my computer every half hour, I take a look around the room to see who is occupying the place. After visiting many coffee shops, I’ve noticed a lot of themes regarding the people that *spend time* in the coffee houses.

This list is not meant to offend. This is merely a fun mental exercise for me.

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